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 It's AMAZING how the World Wide Web has now been operational for more than 40 years ... Did you know that: The current (2024) world population is estimated to be approximately  8.13 Billion , they expect this to grow to a terrifying 9 Billion by 2037. 

Q. How  long has Splash Marketing been online?   

There were 40 Million Web Users when we began.  We are 1 year younger than Yahoo and 1 year older than Google.   

It is estimated that there will be  7.5 Billion Internet Users  by the end of 2025.   

Imagine earning 50 cents for each of them.

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Q. What does Splash Marketing do exactly?
A. We are Technologic​al Marketers!  
Our specialty is the launch and promotion of new and existing ​products, services or businesses, utilising marketing and sales automation.   Splash sources, designs and implements Sales and Marketing Technology , Digital Marketing   (i.e. Web Development, Internet Marketing (SEO) and Social Media for business partners and clients.


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