The Great SEO Fakers

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The Great SEO Fakers
URL Looks harmless enough right? Common government suffix?

Until you realise it is a faker copycat!

The DomaIn Address is actually www!!!!  

Plus thousands of other suffixes used to do other unspeakable things

You can visit to verify what I say is RIGHT!

So unless there is some kind of weird technical misreading going on in DNSLytics we have some pretty sneaky operators controlling the web. 

This is Primary Domain Fraud! (infact any .au) Domains are meant to be only used by authorised Institutions and Businesses that are registered in Australia. They are meant to be secured by authorised primary domain hosts who police them.  Granted our domains have been managed in Ireland since our Aussie guy had to give them over.

I found this querky domain address (plus many other creative link URLs) when doing a volunteer site for a Fraser Coast site that had refused to show up in the Hervey Bay index due to a mighty attack of insane link spam.   Like, there are only 5,000 Facebook Pages in the entire population of this seaside town, talk about overkill.

These odd URLs also turned up in our Structures, Buildings and Portable websites keyword indexes.

Copious quantities of .de .nl and .pl sites showed up in the search for "Hervey Bay "  seriously?

The Art of Deadly Linking
Many rogue links found in this index query where triple back linking. 

Triple Back Linking is when coded rotating url links forward to other urls that have the white or black hat links (or other mischief) on them.  In this case I was forwarded to Porn or Malware (deadly cookies).  Links are often coded to many random URLs and what you see can be based upon your ip address. 

Yes another Old Fart technique that was banned in 1998.   Get over yourselves hoons, go do something better with your brain, like save the planet.

Only one way to deal with these sites Report Them - blocking in disavow will have little affect and clicking on the link will likely grab you a whole heap of a deadly cookies. 

Sik Fux!

September 2022