Solutions That Can Stop Internet Corruption?

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Where There is Man - There Will be Mischief!

Sometimes I wish I had a Criminal Mind to be able to out think Cyber Monsters.   Some of them are enormously cashed up now, using their wealth to buy up critical server infrastructure and train teams of Black Hat SEO operatives.

Make no mistake they are still the cheap predatory thugs of their beginnings. 


Solutions for healing the internet?  There is only one real solution.


Anonymity should be abolished right across the internet, i.e. for anything that is permitted on the web or social media. 

90% of cyber harassment, intrusion and criminal activity would be stopped in an instant.

The Dark Web could not exist if anonymity was removed.  Imagine felling international slavery, child trafficking and child porn rings?  How about eliminating the predatory online corruption that attacks large organizations to the non-savvy device user?

Social Media alias is fun - but somebody must know who owns that alias to identify a slime bag to protect the victims.


The original pcs and servers did not have Mac addresses and we could modify our IP address at whim. 

There are those who still use operating software to modify their identity credentials if and when they choose to remain untraceable on the web. 

We need some technical thinking on this one.  This is bad!


It's A Strange World   Mick Jagger

February 2023