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 Business Development

 The Science of Sales and Marketing
Q. What is the most common cause of business failure?
The most elementary factor that determines product failure or success is the time taken to view the full marketing picture, i.e. to identify the likely successes and pitfalls. 

Q. Business Development in three words?  
 Think > Check > Plan.

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Q. What factors can affect business results?
Many factors can impact busine​ss results but the most common issues that fall under the radar include seasonality; distribution; economic down-turns; pandemics; manufacturing issues; supply failures; financing;  advertising and people.  i.e. personnel, partners, associates, customers and our own personality.  

Business Development includes planning for the manic beginnings, the levelling out of trade and the gradual death of a product line.  Marketing incorporates tools and techniques to revive products and services to maximise viability, lengthen longevity and squeeze every drop of value added income and savings from the pot.

 The Business Plan
When launching products and services globally or locally, no launch system is the same so we will not enter into a partnership without a business marketing plan.   

Don't worry, we will write it!

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Establishing if a concept is feasible is an essential part of product launches and relaunches. What we think is a fantastic idea (sadly) after some investigation can turn up a lemon. 

  • Competitor Analysis
  • Consumer Research
  • Audience Targets and Potential
  • Growth Potential Profitability
  • Enviro and Social Impact
  • Manufacture and Distribution
  • Personnel Availability


Essential from the beginning to ongoing success, planning includes product development, s​ales tactics, methods engineering, warehousing, distribution, personnel and financing.

  • Product / Service Design
  • Warehouse Automation 
  • Remote Logistics Distribution
  • Content Management
  • Personnel Plan
  • Promotion and Advertising
  • Internet Strategy

Let's Go

We have considered our product viability, financing and the best strategy to put in place; we have sourced our personnel and partners, now we put the plan into action!

  • Marketing and Sales
  • Order Entry Process
  • Invoicing Payments
  • Payroll
  • Contractors
  • Distribution
  • Media
  • Marketing Plans
  • Business Development
  • Networking
  • Digital Strategy
  • Ethical SEO
  • Technical Marketing
  • Training
  • Technological Marketers
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Product Launches
  • Sales Marketing Software
  • Web Development
  • Ecommerce
  • Internet Marketing (SEO)