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Q. Will this be an era of Greater Efficiency and Ethics?

As "Ethical" Technical Marketers, focus has always been on using ​technology to market products and services "ethically". 

We are passionate to support the industry to fight its way back towards safety and security.  

The predatory types of corruption that have found their way into our media lives is shocking ...  it is also unnecessary! 

Q. What actions does Splash take to improve efficiency and security?

No expense is spared to source tools that will speed up the process to save us time and money.  We are supported by long-standing, state-of-the-art Security Developers and Hosting Services.  We watch corruption and fraudulent activities on the web and report them to vendors and authorities.

Thanks to Covid 19, we can bring our technology home to Australia; back some new talent and start growing the hair on our heads again.

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Splash Technologies


There are hundreds of tools available. We can work with Turnkey (ready to fire up) to Individually Designed and Programmed Solutions.

  • Customer Database​ Services
  • (CMS) Content Management
  • Sales Tracking 
  • Ecommerce 
  • Online Reservation & Quotes
  • Warehousing Systems
Splash Development


Development ranges from Client Web Services to the Business Development Packages.  Full Web Services will be available upon the launch of new Studios.

  • Sourcing
  • Development
  • Installation
  • Upgrading
  • Customization
  • Training
Splash Concepts

 New Concepts

To support the process of efficient and abundant sales and marketing we keep our eyes open for concepts that can improve the technology experience, e.g.

  • Search Engine Optimization 
  • Server and Device Security
  • Fair Web Practices
  • Licensing Initiatives
  • Training Programs
  • Cyber Inspections


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The Cringe Factor

 The Technology Cringe Factor

You know that two-minute technical job we had to do, but then had trouble explaining why it took two-hours?  

Don't you ever sit back sometimes and wonder who unleashed our technology.

Do you shudder at the thought of your granny, kids or any other unsavvy person using smart phones and other devices with all the scams and hacks currently pulverizing the web?   

Have you used a Customer Service Program like an Automated Telephone System; an Online Shopping Program or some Inhouse Software intended to be fast or simple, to be driven to total distraction?  

Seems the bigger the service the worse it gets? 

The impact of having outsourced our marketing technology globally has cost us highly over the last two decades.  

Seriously, should Granny and the Kids have to be savvy enough to understand how to fix the dangers of Browser Trojans; Email Hacking; Device Invasions;  Image/Link Code Dumping;  Video Hacking; Dangerous Temporary Files and a myriad of other intrusions?   

Solutions Have Always Existed but seriously, should nontechnical users be expected to learn technical skills to keep them safe? 

My 88 year old Mother gave me kittens with stories of her internet experiences! 

Now don't let me get started on Corporate!

So! Who is actually responsible for their Duty of Care

I wrote this post before the Optus Issues.

Duty Of Care

 Duty of Care

We all know is there is a Duty of Care required but not yet expected by Law.  It's time that all technical products and services be required to protect ALL Users as mandatory and be licensed to confirm as such.

No Program or App should be permitted onto our devices until security tests are passed, licensed and policed.

Protection is needed from professional shysters who thrive upon the covert opportunities presented by technical ignorance and weaknesses, i.e. insecure devices and apps, corrupt technical service privileges (from hackers to corrupt employees) and the hidden identity agendas of many internet services e.g., social media, hosting and domain services.

Technical Services that need a security shake up and licensing program include our absurdly tech privileged Primary and Secondary Telecoms, Primary Servers and Domain Custodians down to all Subsidiary and White Label Hosting Providers.   

Secure Not Entrapped

There are those who have attempted to provide protected services, some of those services have been excellent  - but these (like so many cashed up services) come at a price, where they graduate into a form of entrapment.  

Privacy Invasion

Keeping statistics and invading humans' privacy was outlawed before the internet began, how and why this was permitted to change is beyond me ... supposedly "credible" organisations are willingly engaging corrupt data right across the world.

The Technical Lunatic Assylum

Those we would consider to be normal folks in real life take on their hidden identities to behave in ways that would have them locked up in the real world.

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