What is Marketing?

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Q.  Who are Marketers?
Marketers are the Movers, the Shakers and Propulsion of great products and services. 

Q. What Is Ethical Marketing?
Ethical Marketing takes responsibility not only for the planning, promotion and distribution of products and services, but the essence of protecting our Planet and all upon it. 

Marketing Passion
Marketing Persistence
Marketing Vision

What is Ma​rketing?

Passion Persistence Vision?

Q. Why Do We Need Marketing?

For anything to succeed in life, there has to be somebody bouncing around with the​ passion, belief and courage THAT it takes to be the front runner of un-chartered territories to become the unwavering champion of great ideas and innovations.    

Developing from nothing requires enormous strength and vision, including a willingness to be wrong and change direction fast.   Those who embrace these characteristics are the great ones of our planet.

Q. But isn't Marketing just Sales?

Nope!  Ideas, enthusiasm and selling are hugely important and a major portion of the overall marketing cycle.  However, skills of engineering and creativity are needed to design products and services that will succeed in today's marketplace. Marketing involves research and planning; the squeezing of additional profits from cost savings and value-added lines; cross sales product development; repetitious advertising and sales promotion campaigning; cost controlled manufacture and efficient logistics.  Marketing plans for the products life cycle, i.e., the manic beginnings; the orchestrated tricks to capturing longevity; to the final leveling off and  eventual death of the product or service.

Digital Marketing has evolved into an influential support to modern day sales and marketing.

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